Don’t kill; just kick butt

The Non Deadly Weapons ( non lethal weapons) is being developed by the US military. Saving a life is top priority for all law enforcement. In this era, to minimise the danger as far as possible and for self defence non lethal weapons are used. The aim of Port St Lucie FL Raccoon Removal those weapons is not to kill anyone but make certain to stay away, whenever threat or situation arises. Largely Nonlethal weapons are used by police, military and law enforcement. Presently, crimes are happen against people every day like rape, robbery. For this reason, the most frequent self defence weapons like- Sticky Foam gun, tactical pens, peppers spray are legal and mobile for common people. Below are some crazy non lethal weapons are recorded out.

10 Crazy Non lethal Weapons:-

1. Mace-

Mace is a type of tear Gas. Common effects of mace contains- mouth, nose, throat burn, uncontrollable ripping and chest tightness. It might affect to mentally distributed people as emotional effects such panic, fear. Mostly Mace is used by police, army for controlling protestors or mob.


Palm held a weapon is a category of non lethal weapons. Palm held weapons, which you can easily carry and also light-weight weapons such as Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, keychain, strategic pens. If needed, these weapons are solid enough to use. You can easily hold these to your one hand. Some people are unfamiliar with these weapons; they do not know how to use so, it might create difficulty for those. You ought to know how to use those weapons.


When they need to shoot somebody tranquilizer guns are used. These are very effective and fast. Someone who is shoots by this gun, just faint for a while till then cops are ready to questioning.

4. Bean Bag Guns-

Bean Bag Gun is one type of non lethal weapons which is used for self defence. When you shoot, it makes funny sound and punch to attacker. Each Bean tote has weight about 40 grams and full of lead shot. This weapon is not 100% safe because you may die if it hits to your incorrect spot/sensitive area, But safer then bullet.

5. Net Gun-

To prevent a criminal in effective way Net Guns are used. A web shoots out and catch the criminal. Net guns are also used for catching animals.


Numerous projectile non lethal weapons are used for self defence. These weapons are hard to carry like Palm-held weapons in your handbag or pocket. These weapons are Rubber bullets, Pistol crossbow, high-velocity slingshot, Martial arts weapons. Care has to be taken with these weapons because people who do not have knowledge how to use, as they can deadly.


Taser is one type of non lethal weapon used by police and military units. This is designed to release a present on attacker. Current disturb the signals which are going from mind to entire body. It is like fire gun. When you take, electrodes are come out from gun and hit to target.

8. Plasma Acoustic Shield System-

The Plasma Acoustic Shield System (PASS) uses lasers to create pockets of plasma in the air up to 100meters and then detonates those pockets with a different laser, creating a flash bang effect every time. The theory behind this non lethal weapons system is brief pulses from high power laser. Currently, the system can only make 10 explosions per second but the Pentagon is aiming for hundreds.

9. Speech Jammer-

Speech jammer is device which works within 30 meter range and can jam the words of individuals. Speech Jammer works by listening in with mic.

10. JPX Jet Protector-

JPXJet Protector is much like a gun to stopping an opponent. JPXJET includes a dual-barrel layout that allows to fire two doses of irritant at a staggering 430per/hr. This device works in 6.5 meters range. This is one of dependable non lethal weapons.

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